South Queensferry Wedding Location

South Queensferry is an absolutely delightful town that sits on the Edinburgh side of the Forth of Firth. I’ve no doubt there are multiple wedding venues throughout South Queensferry but to date I’ve worked in two venues; South Queensferry Registrars Office (many times) and Orocco Pier (once).

As of mid 2020 South Queensferry Registrars Office has undertaken a huge renovation/restyling and it looks absolutely fab now.

South Queensferry is a funny location as there aren’t a huge amount of locations for wedding photos in the immediate town, but what locations it does have, are all absolutely beautiful and awesome for wedding photos.

Below are some of my favorite weddings from South Queensferry.


Here are a selection of weddings that I have photographed at South Queensferry Registrars Office.

south queensferry registry office wedding
south queensferry registrars office wedding
south queensferry registrars office wedding


I’ve only photographed one wedding to date at Orocco Pier but it’s a great venue with stunning views of the Forth and Forth Bridges.

orocco pier wedding

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