What is Joyful Weddings?


For the last ten years I have worked as a professional photographer under the name of Chris Radley Photography. Chris Radley Photography has worked extremely well for me but my work through that website has become increasingly corporate and it doesn’t represent my wedding photography very well?

What do I mean by that? Well when I started out shooting weddings I was really formal and perhaps a bit stuffy. Nowadays I like to have fun with the wedding parties I work with. I want people to wake up the next day and say to themselves “that was so much fun, what an awesome experience!” (well, maybe not so many words but you get the idea.

Definitely in the last three years my wedding client’s are always saying I was so relaxed, I made the photography as fun as possible, I was discreet and no one was scared of me.

So that’s where Joyful Weddings came about. I add joy to weddings and just like people say I’m discreet, very easy going, very professional and I treat people how I want to be treated.

What is your back story?

Prior to becoming a photographer I worked the regular round of dead end office jobs. 9-5 jobs I am not! My passion at the time was cycling and in my last year of cycling, along with working full time, I did 14000 miles, but then I had a major accident, smashed a load of teeth out, had to have plastic surgery, bone grafts, dental implants etc so I gave up cycling. I had many thousands of pounds worth of bikes, sold them all, bought a Nikon D70 and away I went. A short course, a HND and part of a degree (I quit the degree because I learnt absolutely nothing over the HND and I wanted to work as a photographer rather than theorise it) and 2008 arrives and I move to Edinburgh. Ten years on I’m still working as a professional photographer and I love it.

I’m married to Liv who’s an illustrator (Dec 2007), have a wee daughter called Amelia (born March 2012), we’ve adopted a cat and we live in the awesome Marchmont area of Edinburgh.

chris radley photography

Wifey and myself, drawn in Chengdu, China

chris radley

Very rare photo of me! I hate having my photograph taken!

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