I’m Chris, a Wedding Photographer in London

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It’s pretty ironic that I’m a wedding photographer as I seriously hate having my own photograph taken. Literally out of the hundreds of thousands of photographs I have taken there are probably only about 10 of me in existence.

So that’s me in the photo, 16 years younger, considerably thinner, a lot less grey, beard considerably shorter, but that’s me. My wife says I look like a big Totoro (do google him, he’s very cute!).

How did I get into photography? Years and years ago I worked a dead end office job and at the time my passion was cycling. I used to race all over the place and in my last year of cycling (pedal cycling btw) I did 14000 miles while working full time, but then I had a couple bad accidents and in the last one I smashed some teeth out and had to go through lots of surgery to recover.

I needed bone grafts, plastic surgery and dental implants. Just in case you haven’t had bone grafts in your mouth, I can tell you the really really suck. So, I quit cycling and needed another hobby. I sold my bikes, bought a cheap digital SLR (Canon 300D) and started taking photos and I caught the photography bug. I went on to study an city & guilds evening course, then a HND and part of a degree (I dropped out of uni as I learnt nothing in the one year I was there and wanted to get experience and work).

As well as weddings I photograph cars and properties over on my other website; Chris Radley Photography, more properties at BNB Media, and I also do some work as a web developer when I have time (which I never seem to do).

Personal life is completely occupied with my daughter. I have an immensely talented tennis player daughter who is one of the main reasons we moved to London. Scotland is sadly absolutely rubbish for tennis so to pursue her dreams of becoming a pro we have had to move.


Quick facts about me!

Must lose weight! I’ve lost 53kg since March 2018. Must lose more!

My favourite place is Thailand. Love the weather, love the people, the scenery is awesome and the food amazing.

My favourite food is Fen Jen Ro (Chinese steamed pork belly). I could never become a vegan as I love bacon too much.

I still love photographing weddings, especially when everyone is up for a bit of fun.

I’m a huge heavy metal fan. I’m one of the nicest people you can meet but I do love my heavy metal.

300+ weddings covered

15 years in business

1000 smiles and laughs

42 years old

15 years married

1 child (10 years old as of 2022)



Get in touch by phone or email

If you’re interested in having your wedding photographed by me, get in touch. I would love to hear from you.


07557 732773


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