why you should book an engagement shoot before your wedding

Nowadays almost everyone takes a photo of some kind. Whether it’s a “selfie” or a shot of your friends with your smartphone or even a technical landscape shoot but when was the last time you had a professional photographer? Was it for your graduation? Was it for photos you had taken at school?

Many people are therefore uncertain about what photos should be taken at their wedding. Sometimes brides and grooms will practice poses together or separately, maybe the groom has an idea how he needs to pose, but practicing on your own or with your partner is very different to having a photographer photograph you on the day.

This is where engagement shoots come into play.

Engagement photos, boyfriend pictures, call them what you like, but I am convinced engagement shoots better equip couples for their wedding. Engagement shoots relax couples and once you’ve become familiar with each other through a short photoshoot you will feel less uncomfortable on your wedding day. I’ve seen numerous couples on their wedding day get nervous and literally freeze up from fear of having their photos taken but these engagement shoots are perfect for relaxing everyone involved.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should have an engagement shoot

1. Be comfortable in front of the camera

It is important to be comfortable with your photographer. Couples need to be able to relax, enjoy themselves and be themselves. Few of us are used to standing in front of a camera, for example myself, I love taking photos of people and while I can pose for photos I don’t especially like it. For most it will feel a bit uncomfortable at first. But with a little bit of experience you will become more accustomed to it and after a short engagement shoot photos will feel immediately more natural. A small photoshoot before your wedding day can help you to quickly slip into the “get comfortable” phase and spend more time having fun and creating wonderful pictures that you’ve always dreamed of. Wedding photographers spend a lot of time with you on your wedding day, from the preparations in the morning to the party in the evening. An engagement shoot before your wedding is a great way to get to know each other. When the wedding day comes it is much nicer to have your photograph taken by someone you are familiar with and not a stranger 🙂

2. It’s Fun

Since many people feel a little uncomfortable with having their photograph taken they think that it’s ok to just turn up to their wedding, smile for the camera and that’s it. But it’s quite the opposite! With an engagement shoot you will see the process of having your photo taken can actually be a lot of fun and this photoshoot will enable you to relax more before the wedding in the knowledge that you know what you’re going to expect and are in tune with your photographer.

3. Great Pictures

From your engagement shoot you will receive a set of really beautiful pictures which you can use for wedding invitations, place holders and announcements via social media amongst other channels that tell everyone you are getting married. You could even use your photos for a slideshow at a wedding party, framed pictures as decorations at the party venue, Facebook, twitter, wedding blog or you could even give your parents a framed photo of yourself with your partner at the wedding reception. I’m very happy to help you with any additional tips and ideas.

4. Quality time

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5. Sound Investment

Many photographers offer engagement shoots to couples who have also booked wedding photography because they see that it is an important investment and because the photographer also thinks it’s great to be able to get better acquainted before the wedding.

Engagement Shoots

Click on the photos below to see some of the engagement shoots I have done

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