So this October I’m photographing a wedding for Joanna and Robert at Prestonfield House Hotel. Joanna and Robert are both from Poland and they’re a really lovely couple. As part of the package they booked we arranged to do a pre shoot at Prestonfield House to give them a feel for having their photo taken and also to see how I work and give them an idea of how their photos will look.

As you know I really love Prestonfield Hotel, it’s one of the top venues in Edinburgh for both guests and photographers and Joanna and Robert gave me a real surprise when they turned up on their scooters. Liv has yet to meet the couple but when I told her about the SYM scooters they were riding she instantly liked them (SYM are a Taiwanese company).

So we took a couple composition test photos inside but for the pre shoot we largely focused on taking photos outside. Ingeniously we managed to take some photos of the couple riding their scooters which we’re hoping to do on their wedding day (weather permitting!).

Both Liv and I are super excited about shooting another wedding at Presonfield this month.

So here are some of my favourite photos from the shoot…