Lothian Chambers Registrars Office Wedding Venue

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But Lothian Chambers has been leased out!

Easily one of the most popular venues in Edinburgh and one of my very favourites for a multitude of reasons is Lothian Chambers Registrars Office which resides at 59-63 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1RN.

I must have photographed in the region of 50 weddings at Lothian Chambers and for good reason, it’s a great venue. In 2012 alone they hosted roughly 2500 weddings and it’s the perfect venue for money. Not costing too much but most importantly centrally located with many greats spots for photos and even better bars and restaurants, people elope from as far as Canada, Australia, China, Africa and pretty much any country you can think of.

In one week alone I photographed weddings for couples from the USA, New Zealand, Australia and as local as Wolverhampton and Nottingham. Crazy! But I love Lothian Chambers

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Lothian Chambers was constructed in 1904 and was designed by the architect James McIntyre Henry. Lothian Chambers has gone through different stages of usage and abandonment but today it hosts weddings in three different suites; the City of Edinburgh Suite, Melbourne Suite and McIntyre Suite. They also deal with births, deaths, naturalisation ceremonies and more but no matter the size of your wedding you’ll find a suitable room.

I’ve photographed anything from just a bridge and groom in the City of Edinburgh Suite to weddings in the McIntyre that you could barely move around. The largest weddings I’ve captured in Lothian Chambers have been around 100 people.


When guests and the bridge and groom arrive, they usually congregate in the waiting room opposite St Giles. Call it the back entrance if you will. It’s ideal if guests can arrive 20-30 minutes early and the groom should arrive a good 15 minutes before the ceremony. The registrar will call people up in order and the venue has both red-carpeted stairs and a lift system.


Easily the most stupid decision from a local economy point of view since the trams were built, Edinburgh Council have decided to lease the building that hosts Lothian Chambers to become a French consulate and museum. Why we need a French consulate in the centre of Edinburgh’s Old Town, which is meant to be 100% Scottish I really don’t know. So unfortunately this means Lothian Chambers will be disappearing September/October 2017 and after that any registry office type weddings will be held at City Chambers.

Fortunately I have photographed a few weddings at City Chambers for which I’ll be creating a page on this website but it’s such a shame Lothian Chambers, after 10 years of hosting weddings, will be retiring.

city of edinburgh suite

The City of Edinburgh Suite, which can house 110 people, is the largest of the three suites at Lothian Chambers and easily the grandest. This was originally the main Council Chamber and offers beautiful ornate mouldings as well as three large arched windows which overlook Parliament Square and St Giles Cathedral and provide tremendous amounts of light.

Whenever couples book me for their wedding I always ask which room they chose and I always recommend the City of Edinburgh Suite. No matter if it’s two of you or 100 people in total, the City of Edinburgh Suite offers the grandest background.

city of edinburgh suite lothian chambers


mcintyre suite

Accommodating up to 24 people, the McIntyre Suite is the smallest of the three suites but perhaps the most popular. At the front of the suite is a signing table and the room is adorned with large windows and a marble fireplace. At first I wasn’t a huge fan of this room but it’s now one of my favourite rooms anywhere to photograph.


melbourne suite lothian chambers

The medium sized room at Lothian Chambers is the Melbourne Suite which can accommodate around 40 people. The Melbourne Suite overlooks Melbourne Place and 99% of the time has a bagpipe background sound. Funnily enough the vast majority of weddings I’ve photographed in the Melbourne Suite have been for Australians and New Zealanders but no matter which room you go for they’re all pretty awesome.

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Here is a selection of weddings I have photographed at Lothian Chambers. They haven’t been picked out above others for any other reason than to show a range of weddings.

dome edinburgh wedding
dome edinburgh wedding
lothian chambers wedding
lothian chambers wedding
city of edinburgh suite wedding
Lothian Chambers Gay Wedding
City of Edinburgh Suite Wedding
City of Edinburgh Suite Lothian Chambers Wedding
city of edinburgh suite lothian chambers wedding
lothian chambers and st columba's church
lothian chambers wedding