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Weddings taken over the last few years. I’ve photographed several hundred weddings and would absolutely love to photograph yours.

City Chambers Edinburgh Wedding – Kim and Sam

City Chambers Edinburgh Wedding. So this is my first wedding post in a really long time and there's quite a few things I'd like to mention. First of all, I'm still alive and well. I've received lots of emails asking if I'm still around and still working. Over the last...

Rowantree Caves Wedding

My last two weddings of 2020 took place on the same day. In the morning I photographed a wedding for Claire and Fiona at City Chambers and then early afternoon I photographed a wedding for Rowantree Caves Wedding for Stephen and Jamie. Now I usually try not to...

City Chambers Same Sex Wedding

My last two weddings of 2020 took place on the same day. In the morning I photographed a wedding for Claire and Fiona at City Chambers and then early afternoon I photographed a wedding for Stephen and Jamie at The Rowantree and Caves.

South Queensferry Registry Office

Recently I photographed a few weddings and the last of this group of weddings was this wedding at South Queensferry Registrars Office. This was possibly the shortest of all of these weddings but it was a real pleasure photographing this wedding as I know the groom...

City Chambers Black Ivy

In the last month I've photographed four weddings, three at City Chambers and one at Queensferry Registrars Office, the latter of which I'll share in the next few days. The first wedding was supposed to take place in City Chambers but was moved to Dunbars Close...

City Chambers Holyrood Park

A couple weeks ago I photographed my first Covid-19 lockdown wedding. It was originally supposed to take place at City Chambers but this was moved to Dunbars Close Gardens. A couple weeks later everything went back into City Chambers and I photographed another wedding...

Dunbars Close Garden Wedding

So, my first post Covid-19 lockdown wedding. It's been a long time coming! A couple years ago I was due to photograph my first wedding at Dunbars Close which is a lovely little garden located in the Canongate area of Edinburgh. On the day of that wedding we were...

Dynamic Earth

It must be at least five or six years since I last photographed a wedding at Dynamic Earth and it's a shame as it's a really unique venue in a really cool location. Dynamic Earth is a perfect wedding for a less traditional wedding and Nicole and Alex, who hired me to...

Newbattle Abbey

Today's wedding was a really cool one. I love photographing weddings at new venues but it's also great to go to venues I've been to many times before and so for this wedding the new venue was Newbattle Abbey and the old venue is the Apex Grassmarket hotel. According...

Caves Edinburgh

If you scan through this website you'll see that I've photographed quite a lot of weddings at the Rowantree but right next door, and part of the same company, is the Caves. Both venues have a similar look but the Caves is quite a lot bigger and it has much better...

Edinburgh Old Town Wedding – Mofope and Olusegun

In the middle of June I received a really interesting email from a lady from Nigeria asking if I could photograph her wedding in Edinburgh. Of course I was really interested in doing this wedding as it’s something completely new for me

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Jennifer and Martin Wedding

Towards the end of July I had the real pleasure of photographing a wedding for Jennifer and Martin at Lothian Chambers. Jennifer came over from the US and Martin is from Edinburgh but both were so much fun to work with. We had a few interesting chats and

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Lothian Chambers and Prestonfield Hotel Wedding

On the 1st of July I had the great pleasure of shooting a wedding for Kylie and Randy at Lothian Chambers. Kylie first contacted me around two weeks ago and was really worried that I wasn’t available but we exchanged many

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