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Weddings taken over the last few years. I’ve photographed several hundred weddings and would absolutely love to photograph yours.

Dynamic Earth

It must be at least five or six years since I last photographed a wedding at Dynamic Earth and it's a shame as it's a really unique venue in a really cool location. Dynamic Earth is a perfect wedding for a less traditional wedding and Nicole and Alex, who hired me to...

Newbattle Abbey

Today's wedding was a really cool one. I love photographing weddings at new venues but it's also great to go to venues I've been to many times before and so for this wedding the new venue was Newbattle Abbey and the old venue is the Apex Grassmarket hotel. According...

Caves Edinburgh

If you scan through this website you'll see that I've photographed quite a lot of weddings at the Rowantree but right next door, and part of the same company, is the Caves. Both venues have a similar look but the Caves is quite a lot bigger and it has much better...

Grassmarket Community Project Wedding

On the 21st September I photographed a wedding that should have happened exactly a year ago. David and David booked me to photograph their wedding at the Grassmarket Community Project but just a couple

South Queensferry Registrars Office

A couple months ago I photographed a wedding at South Queensferry Registrars Office for John and Donna. John is a local but Donna is from Australia so it was a real meeting of cultures but everyone was really nice and this was a great but rather cold and eventually...

City Chambers Wedding Edinburgh

Back in April I photographed a really small and short wedding at Edinburgh City Chambers for Linda and John. Their wedding was literally just Linda, John and their three children. All they literally wanted was photos of their wedding followed by a few photos outside...

Prestonfield House Hotel

Prestonfield House is a really funny venue for me. It's just 5 minutes away from my home and it's a venue I seem to go past all the time but I only go there maybe 2 or 3 times a year. I have the occasional afternoon tea there, which is really good btw, I'll have 1 or...

Leith Registrars Office

Weddings where I don't meet the couples beforehand are always bit of an unknown but Nisha and Jack, who had a very interesting journey getting to their wedding at Leith Registrars' Office, almost didn't make it but were a brilliant couple to work with. Jack and Nisha...

Ballathie House

It's amazing how time flies but five years ago I photographed my first and only, until now, wedding at Ballathie House Hotel just outside of Perth. I loved how it was a really beautiful side with really lovely grounds, the staff were really friendly and I also loved...

Rowantree Edinburgh

One of my most recent weddings took place at the Rowantree where I've been loads of times and it's still one of my favourite wedding venues around. In fact for Edinburgh it's probably the best venue of the lot and every single wedding party I have worked with has been...
Duddingston Golf Club Wedding

Duddingston Golf Club Wedding

Duddingston Golf Club Wedding. One of the weddings that I shot in the latter half of 2015 but never got around to blogging (blogging wasn’t really my forte in 2015) was this wedding at Duddingston Golf Club. I knew the bride Kim through some work I was doing back in those days

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Lothian Chambers International Wedding

Lothian Chambers International Wedding

Lothian Chambers International Wedding. One of my favourite weddings of 2015 for a multitude of reasons was a wedding I photographed at Lothian Chambers Registrars Office for Pavla and Jeremy. In all

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Lothian Chambers and Kitchin Wedding

Lothian Chambers and Kitchin Wedding

Lothian Chambers and Kitchen Wedding. Around mid 2015 I captured this Lothian Chambers Registry Office Wedding for a really fantastic couple. Most of my registry office weddings involve arriving before the

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Bunchrew House Hotel Wedding

Bunchrew House Hotel Wedding

One of the most memorable weddings of 2015 that I photographed was a wedding for Laura and David at Bunchrew House Hotel. This stood out to me for a for reasons. One was the really great venue, another the great

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