National Museum of Scotland Wedding

I try to update my blog every 5-7 days but as always I’ve been desperately busy over the last couple of months with photography jobs so sadly my blog has had to take a back step while I try to crack on with work. I’m still

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St Giles Edinburgh Wedding

Sometimes but not very often I’ll book a wedding and then before the wedding happens almost everything changes about it. One of these such weddings was for Kelly and Keith which I captured at the beginning of

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Dean Village Edinburgh Engagement Shoot

Recently I’ve had a really nightmare time with personal events. First of all two weeks ago I had a car crash which wrote off my car, this was then followed by a big lens failure and then I’ve had the flu twice in as many weeks

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St Leonards Hall Pollock Halls Wedding

In my last blog post, which was basically a big update on things that have been going on recently I mentioned that I had photographed a wedding for Tina and Philip at St Leonards Hall which is part of the University of

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The Hub Edinburgh Wedding

The Hub Edinburgh Wedding. Recently I got to photograph another new venue which I’ve always really wanted to shoot a wedding at called The Hub. The Hub sits right at the top of the Royal Mile, very close to the Witchery

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Glasite Meeting House Wedding

This is my first blog update in nearly a month and it’s irritated the hell out of me that I haven’t had a chance to update it sooner but I really haven’t had the time. Just recently I photographed a wedding at a brand new

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The Caves Edinburgh Wedding

At the beginning of May I returned to The Caves to photograph my second wedding at this really unique venue. I love the look of The Caves, there’s no other venue quite like it, but it’s still an absolute nightmare to

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Lothian Chambers and Red Bus Wedding

At the end of February I shot a wedding for Alison and Barry which I had been super excited about. First of all Alison and Barry are an absolutely lovely couple, really funny and really charming. Secondly they had hired “The

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